February 18, 2017

Social Enterprise

Emeraudinne Ingles FullHD NEW from Help Us To Help on Vimeo.

“Emeraudinne – Ethical Jewellery” seeks to improve the living conditions of informal miners of the Colombian emerald mining region and allow single mothers in the mining zones of Colombia to have access to a better life, through workshops that we hope to implement there.

We also hope to provide access to work for the unemployed in the jewellery industry in Switzerland, thanks to the importation of semi-precious stones carved by the inhabitants of the mining regions and, from this initiative, manufacture “solidarity” jewellery.

Thanks to you and your support, living conditions of hundreds of people can be improved. Solidarity and diversity is an asset, and it is for this reason that we need your help to develop our project.

The emerald mines are located 6 hours away from the capital Bogotá, in the Andes mountain range region of Colombia. The majority of inhabitants live there in miserable conditions, yet surrounded by wealth. We are launching a socially responsible company adapted to the context of the mining area, and run on the basis of fair trade by the small-scale miners themselves and unemployed jewellery trade workers in Switzerland. A portion of the benefits will be shared equitably, making our project a win-win initiative.